In Conclusion...

Sweet foods have an undeniable presence in the works of Children’s Literature, and function in various different ways within the narrative. The eating or desire to eat can illustrate moral ineptitude in order to instruct or educate young children. In this sense, food is turned into something grotesque and evil, and those that partake in the consumption of such food become immoral beings. This is particularly shown in the corruption of Edmund in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, and the children of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, excluding Charlie.

Also, the food can help to construct the particular theme of the novel. In the case of the Harry Potter novels, the abundance of desirable and unattainable foods helps to create this fantasy world. It is also a means of navigation for Alice in Alice in Wonderland, and signifies Harry’s move and acceptance in to the world of magic.

As in nearly all of the texts studied in this blog, food is always accessible and readily available to the characters. They never seem to have to fight for food or do without. The consumption of sweet foods is never depicted as detrimental to a characters health, thereby allowing for an excessive intake if it is desired. Alice is the singular character that experiences odd effects from eating foods in Wonderland, but even this does not cause ill health.

Recipe’s created and designed specifically for children appear almost timeless. The recipes from cookbooks and pamphlets written in the 20th century are just as effective as those from the 21st century, in that it results in a successful and tasty final product.  Also, many of the recipes are similar if not entirely identical, clearly showing that the dietary desires of children have not changed drastically over time.  

Therefore, the varying ways authors utilise sweet foods within their texts stress their importance in childhood. The ways this food is desired by children in fiction is wholly reflective of the yearning for it in reality. It associations with luxury and indulgence ensure that children will continue to covet sweet foods over any other foods. 

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